Placement Prep Masterclass

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Placement Prep Masterclass B1

Starting from Dec. 18, 2021

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Course Outcomes

1] You will be master of writing syntactically correct codes in C++ Programming Language
2] You will be able to Create Flow Charts
3] All FAQs in the placement process will be covered
4] You will become a master of Writing and Analyzing SQL Queries
5] You will be able to Create Complex Databases for Organizations
6] You will get a strong understanding of all the important Data Structures and Algorithms
7] Improvement in Oral and Written Communication
8] You will have a good resume in your hand


This course is designed for the students/ professionals who want to begin their career in the IT sector.

No programming experience is required, anyone who has the drive to get a dream job can join this course.

Course Description

This course covers all the necessary subjects and topics, which one should know in-depth to appear for placement in Top IT Companies.

We cover C++ programming languages in-depth from scratch.

We also cover 2 core CSE subjects, Data structures, and Database again from scratch.

This course is designed to improve the technical as well as the communication skills of the students. Mock Aptitude Tests, Mock Group Discussions, and Mock interviews are conducted on a regular basis to build confidence among students.

Join this course to get ready for placements.