Full Stack Ready

Beginner level

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Course Outcomes

- Be able to build ANY website you want.
- Craft a portfolio of projects to apply for junior developer jobs.
- Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.
- Work as a freelance web developer.
- Master front-end development with React
- Master backend development with Node
- Learn the latest frameworks and technologies, including Javascript ES6, MongoDB.
- Learn professional developer best practices.


- Basic coding knowledge
- Basic understanding of computer
- Drive to learn new things

Course Description

Welcome to the Full Stack Ready Masterclass. This is your one-stop destination to learn front-end AND back-end development.

We'll take you from absolute beginner to competent full-stack web developer in a matter of months.

This course is ideal for Anyone who is curious about programming, Entrepreneurs, Those looking for a career change, Serious coders & hobbyists, Students & teenagers, Anyone who wants to learn web development.