Master Java

Beginner level

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Course Outcomes

1] Read and understand Java-based software code of medium-to-high complexity.
2] Design solutions for various business problems.
3] Use standard and third-party Java's APIs when writing applications.
4] Understand the basic principles of creating Java applications with the graphical user interface (GUI).
5] Create rich user-interface applications using modern APIs.
6] Understand all basic OOP concepts with java and apply them.


1] Basic knowledge of programming.
2] Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts.
3] Basic knowledge of computer components.

Course Description

Java is a general-purpose programming language that can be used to create modern desktop software, standalone as well as enterprise applications, web development, game development or even android development too. You will find out Java is a very popular language and enhances employability.
We are in no hurry, so we will start from the basics of OOP concepts. Then we will see what java is and why we require further we will look into deep that how can we write java programs and then move towards various concepts in java.
along with theory concepts, we will be having a parallel practical track where we will learn to apply all the learned theory concepts using mini projects.